Vehicle density: No way for ambulance

Team Udayavani, Nov 18, 2018, 4:46 PM IST

Kasaragod: The most backward district of Kerala is Kasaragod and though it is quite back in the topic of development, in terms of vehicle density, it is ahead. The main reason for the vehicle density is the sad state of the road here and the narrowness of the road. Due to the ever increasing vehicle density, the ambulances transporting patients get ensnared in the traffic and fail to reach the hospital in good time thereby causing much problem to patients and this scenario has become a regular phenomenon in Kasaragod.

The vehicle density on the highway between Karnataka-Kerala is increasing by the day. Te ambulances which need to travel in haste are impeded by other vehicles and the horrible state of the road. Because of this, the patient’s life is thrown at risk. The road between Kasaragod and Talapady is quite narrow along with massive pot holes (a few have been patched up) making the state of the road quite dangerous. Later, the road between Talapady and Mangaluru is rich with frequent road blocks due to the never ending work of the two over-bridges near Thokottu and Pumpwell. Because of this, the ambulance ferrying the patients fighting a life-or-death battle, get stuck on the road, unable to move forward causing much danger to the patient’s life.

Give space, save life

If you see the image on the top, it is quite visible how an ambulance is stuck in the mire of traffic with no space to go. Though there is rule to give space for an ambulance to pass through, the vehicles either refuse to go towards the side to make space for the ambulance or remain haphazardly on the road making it impossible for the ambulance to pass through. One of the main reasons for this is that since the road is narrow it is not possible for the vehicles to move to the side to make enough space for the ambulance to pass through. In such a situation, there are numerous instances where the ambulance has remained stuck in the traffic on the highway instead of reaching the hospital in good time.

Four lane road, still a dream

The central government s ambitious four lane road from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is in implementation. In most of the states the road four laning is reaching final phases. But in Kerala, four laning work has not yet begun. If the road is being widened to 60 meters in all the states, the Kerala state government has taken an adamant stand to have its roads widened only to 45 meters. Development is not possible without the cooperation of the people. Worsening the situation, many organizations have come together demanding that the road be widened to only 30 meters.

Although the road throughout India is being ambitiously developed into a four lane road with 60 meters width, in Kerala, only the preliminary process for developing the road into four lanes with 45 meter width has only begun. The vehicle density on the national highway is on the rise, yet it is a sad fact that the responsible people lack the basic knowledge that the road needs to be developed. The work on four laning the national highway will begin from January month inform sources. But there is no clarity amongst the people if it’s possible to begin the work in January as the land acquisition process has not yet been completed.

Narrow bridges

It is not possible for the vehicles to pass through comfortably on the highway along the highway since the bridges are quite narrow. Hence it is impossible for the ambulance to overtake because of the oncoming traffic. Since there is a lack of space, it also not possible for the vehicles to make way for the ambulance which remains stuck in the mire of vehicles.

Sad state of the road

The state of the road at many places between Kasaragod and Talapady is deplorable. There are massive potholes and at some places the asphalt has been completely ripped off making it a real challenge for motorists to pass through. In some instances it has become impossible for the ambulance to carry on with its journey.

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