Water scarcity in the district may affect school reopening

Team Udayavani, May 16, 2019, 7:30 AM IST

Mangaluru/Udupi: Karavali districts are facing an acute shortage of drinking water and amidst this, PUC classes will be starting in a few days. However, the lack of water may affect the reopening of the schools.

PUC classes will be reopening on May 20th and thousands of students will be arriving from various locations in the district to the different colleges here. Already, the water shortage problem being faced by the district is severe and the reopening of the colleges will only further worsen the condition. In this backdrop, PUC DDPI has written a letter to the Deputy Commissioner and the Education department regarding the seriousness of the lack of water.

Few government and private schools-colleges do not possess their own wells or bore wells and are solely dependent on tap water. Meanwhile, the water level in the wells and bore wells owned by some schools and colleges is only depleting.

If the colleges reopen on May 20th, the requirement of water will not be limited for only drinking purposes. Thousands of liters of water will be required for the rest rooms, washing hands and many other purposes.  Letter has been written to the DC and the Education Department in this concern, informed DDPI Kushalarati.

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