Youth commits suicide at grandma’s house

Team Udayavani, Sep 11, 2019, 12:25 PM IST

Mangaluru: In an incident that came to light on Tuesday night Sep 10th, a youth committed suicide at his grandmother’s house in the city on Sunday, September 8th.

The deceased is identified as Arun Raj (31), a resident of Moodbidri. He is the son of retired forest ranger Poovappa. The reason behind his taking the extreme step is unknown.

Arun took the extreme step at his grandmother’s house at Pandeshwar New Road in the city and is suspected to committed suicide when no one was there at home. He was last seen alive on Sunday.

Foul smell

Foul smell started emanating from the house and people from the surroundings checked from the window of the room of his grandmother, when the incident was realized.

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