Youth murdered concerning money dispute

Incident in Kudige near Kushalnagar

Team Udayavani, Oct 9, 2019, 8:18 AM IST

Madikeri: A dispute between a sister-in-law and her husband’s younger brother ended up in a murder at Kudige near Kushalnagar. The deceased is identified as old Kudige resident Shivu and the accused are Yashoda and Harini who have been arrested by the cops.

Shivu was unmarried and was working as a labourer at a coffee unit at Kudluru Industrial area and was living with his aunt Laxmamma since the death of his mother. The house he was living in was also the residence of Yasodha, his sister-in-law and her daughter Harini.

The cause

Shivu and his aunt had together leased out a house at old Kuduge. As the lease period was drawing close to its end, Shivu had asked his family members to give him Rs 1 lakh from the deposit money that would be returned back to them by the house owner when the term lapsed.

The murder

When Laxmammawas not at home, an argument brokeout between Shivu and Yashodha concerning the money issue. It is being said that, since money had to be given to Shivu, Yashodha and her daughtere Harini murdered Shivu by hitting him with an iron rod.

The locals who noticed Shivu lying in a pool of blood on the cot immediately informed the cops. Kushalnagar rural police inspector rushed to the spot with his men and arrested the accused. DSP Dr| Suman D Pannekar also visited the location and conducted inspection.

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