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Bizarre News

Rome: An examination have been conducted concerning a 10-meter (30-foot) - wide sinkhole that gobbled up about six cars on a residential road in Rome.

Pyeongchang: Two men dressed up as US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un caused a massive uproar when they made their appearance in the...

Lahore: A Pakistani journalist went on to prove that journalists are always on duty by reporting on his own wedding. Yes, his own wedding.

Scotland: A local farmer in Peterhead Scotland called the North East Police to report presence of a massive tiger on his farm. Officers immediately arrived at...

North Carolina: A man found an old plane ticket under his bed which was worth $400, 19 years after.

Pennsylvania: A dog is said to often return back home safely soon after wandering away. But in the case of Abby it was different.

Mana Island (New Zealand): Nigel, a gannet bird who lived for five years in Mana Islands here, died last week.

London (UK): A fortune teller who had rightly predicted on the Brexit using her tool ‘asparagus’ has revealed her predictions for the year 2018.

Bhopal: A 12-year-old girl has allegedly committed suicide after being depressed over the death of her pet white rat, police said.

LONDON:  A UK court has held as unlawful a British landlord's ban on "coloured" people from India and Pakistan renting his properties because they cooked curry and left behind...

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