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​A human lightbulb in Haryana

Haryana : It's enough to make your hair stand on end. ‘Human lightbulb’ Deepak Jangra’s story is electrifying.
The wonder boy Deepak can withstand 11,000 volts of electricity passing through his body, without feeling a thing. The teenager can resist voltage needed to power 500 houses. Same amount of power could kill any other human being
The 16-year-old claims: ‘I have a gift from God. I feel very privileged. I have the power to do things no-one else can and I don’t intend on wasting it.

‘I used to be scared of electricity but now I am confident. I have tested myself over and over again and I will never get hurt. I can touch a live wire with my tongue and I know nothing will happen to me.’
Deepak, who is a student, first discovered that he can resist such high levels of electricity three years ago when he was fixing his mother’s portable heater.
He revealed: ‘My mother kept complaining that our heater was broken so I thought I’d take a look and try and fix it myself because we couldn’t afford to take it anywhere and pay someone to fix it.

I accidentally touched the live wire with my screwdriver but nothing happened – I didn’t get a shock. But at the time I assumed we must have had a power failure in our village.
Two weeks later, Deepak got a movie stuck inside his DVD player and decided to take the machine apart to attempt to retrieve the disc.
‘I hit the live wires again but again nothing happened,’ he said.
Since that moment, Deepak has been experimenting with various devices of different voltages - and he has been continually amazed by what he can withstand.

He has tried light bulbs, TV wires, an electric woodcutter and an electrical water pump but each time, he would simply stop the devices working but not suffer any injuries.
If anyone else were to attempt the same, it is highly likely they would be killed instantly.
Deepak - who is now known as Wonder Boy in his remote village near Sonipat, in Haryana, northern India - is frequently asked by local families to repair equipment or electric line faults.

But he refuses to charge for his services, as he does not believe in profiting from financially from his gift.

Video : Mail Online

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