Woman predicts future by tossing asparagus into the air

London (UK): A fortune teller who had rightly predicted on the Brexit using her tool ‘asparagus’ has revealed her predictions for the year 2018.

Jemima Packington (61), is the world's only Asparamancer and claims she can look into the future by tossing the asparagus in the air to interpret.

Packington has made a few predictions for the year 2018:

She predicts that 2018 will see the US bring the world to the brink of serious conflict and the bursting of the Bitcoin bubble.

She also believes there will be earthquakes and volcanic eruptions over the next 12 months but there may be a record number of Royal births.

It's also bad news for Theresa May as Jemima predicts she will be replaced as Prime Minister before the end of the year.

She believes that there could be another political scandal for Westminster.

She says that British films will do well and win Oscars.

However, it doesn't look good for British sport in 2018.

Astonishingly, some of Jemima's predictions came true last year including saying the summer would change from drought to downpours - as the UK saw the 11th wettest on record.

She also correctly stated the UK economy would grow after implementing Brexit.

Jemima, from Evesham, Worcs., said "When I cast the asparagus, it creates patterns and it is the patterns I interpret."

She prefers to use fresh Worcestershire asparagus grown in the Vale of Evesham - the UK's main supplier of the vegetable.

She picks a handful of tips, tosses them into the air and "reads" the shapes they form when they land.

She began making predictions aged about eight - a gift she says she inherited from her great aunt who used to read tea leaves.

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