Pakistani journalist covers his own wedding, Interviews wife.

Lahore: A Pakistani journalist went on to prove that journalists are always on duty by reporting on his own wedding. Yes, his own wedding.

 In a viral video, Hanan Bukhari, a journalist with Pakistan’s City 41 channel, is seen holding a mic as he does in any regular day at work but this time, he was dressed in wedding attire. He goes on talking about his wedding and how happy he is as if he is reviewing a cricket match.

Hanan said on camera that his family members are him are very happy. As it is a love marriage, his wife and her family members are also happy. He also said that his parents have worked hard and made the arrangements for my wedding to be a grand one.

Hanan is seen interviewing his father and asking him to say a few words about the wedding. As if it was a panel discussion. His dad replied that he thanks the lord for giving him an opportunity to witness his son’s marriage.

He also interviews his wife calling himself her ‘Majnu’ and asks her opinion about their marriage. He says “I’ve put in so much effort. I’ve brought sports cars and heavy bikes to decorate my wedding procession as the entire city was watching,” Then, he proceeds to ask her what she thinks about all the things he has brought.

His wife also gave a response that she was indeed very happy to get married to him and she was very lucky to be married to him.

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