‘Donald Trump’ and ‘Kim Jong Un’ Thrown Out Of Olympic games Opening Ceremony

Pyeongchang: Two men dressed up as US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un caused a massive uproar when they made their appearance in the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony on Friday. They were soon thrown out of the stadium by the security staffs present there.

The Kim Jong Un look alike, who declined to reveal his identity said that He and Trump (look alike) are getting along with each other really well. They wanted to give a surprise to the audience and bring world peace, but we are being shown out by the security guard which is really unfair, he added.

The opening ceremony was marked by showing unity between North Korea and South Korea. Athletes representing both the countries entered the arena under a flag which represented unified Korean Countries. The ceremony was watched on by American Vice President Mike Pence and Kim Jong Un’s sister Kim Yo Jong from a VIP boss.

The Kim look alike while being escorted out of the stadium jokingly asked if his sister who is watching the ceremony is also getting the same treatment.

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