'Cinderella weight challenge': the latest diet trend to encourage dangerous weight loss

London: With their colossal eyes, gigantic eyelashes, minuscule midriffs and chirpy demeanours, a significant number of us tried to be a Disney princess when we were young. At this point reality - and age - showed us that, charming however they might be, they're simply toon characters all things considered, and don't generally convert into this present reality.

The Cinderella challenge basically solicits followers to achieve a Body Mass Index(BMI) from 18, which is authoritatively classed as being underweight. To compute your 'Cinderella weight', you need to square your height in meters and after that multiply that number by 18. Thought to have begun in Japan, the pattern is rapidly spreading.

The diet challenge has additionally been pummeled for its utilization of 'Cinderella', which romanticizes the possibility of the extraordinary weight reduction being supported. While a person's "normal weight" may vary, a healthy BMI is 18.5 to 24.9.

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