Wife threatens to drown herself if husband won’t let her check his cell phone

China: A video on face book had recently gone viral where Chinese wife loses her temper and had gone wild in front of a huge flock of people as she attempted to throw herself into the river because of her anger with her husband. The woman was threatening her husband that she will jump off the bridge into the river and drown herself if he refuses to let her check his mobile phone.

According to the reports, the wife was asking her husband to show his cell phone as she wanted to go through his phone to check if he is cheating on her with another woman. But the husband firmly refused to show her the phone. This made her lose her mind and she went off the road near a bridge and threatened her husband that she will jump off into the river if he refuses to show his phone.

The wife went crazier when husband further refused to give the phone to her. The husband and some on lookers managed to stop her plan and get her back from the bridge.

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