Record breaking 9-Hour Rainbow Shines in Taiwan

Taiwan: Guinness World Records has shined its way to a Taiwan university that says was the site of the longest-ever rainbow.

The record-breaking Rainbow was seen a year ago on November 30, in the skies over Chinese Culture University close Taipei. It kept going an incredible eight minutes and 58 minutes, as indicated by science professor Chou Kun-hsuan.

Guinness World Records concurred and will authoritatively announce the rainbow the longest at any point recorded at a function at the college on Saturday. The Taipei territory rainbow conveniently beat the previous record-holder, which angled for six hours over Wetherby, Yorkshire, on March 14, 1994.

Rainbows regularly last not as much as 60 minutes. Chou told that he knew he was seeing something uncommon around the four-hour check and informed students and personnel to take pictures.

"When we broke the past record in the wake of passing six hours, I was not really ready to remain seated for lunch," he said. "I was so excited. I needed to ensure we caught the rainbow. But it accomplished something considerably more inconceivable ― it went ahead to beat the past record by an additional three hours!"

The college's prime campus is situated in the Yangmingshan mountain range. Conditions basic to its winter microclimate are being credited for the rainbow's life span, including a cloud-framing upper east monsoon, daylight and generally low wind speeds.

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