Man adopts black bear cub mistaking it to be a puppy

In 2015, a Chinese man found an abandoned puppy in a mountain trench in southwest China's Yunnan region. Seeing the helpless pup wander around alone, he brought it home. A recent video recorded by the owner shows the irregular looking dark puppy wearing a leash, playing around in the front yard with another dog. Video likewise shows the puppy easily strolling on its two rear feet. This is because the puppy was actually a black bear cub.

The man says he didn't have a clue. He claims that he was shocked to see the "puppy" grow up to be 1.7 meters tall and 80 kilograms in only eight months which is the point at which he at last realised that it wasn't a puppy he was raising. For safety reasons, he chained the bear and put it inside a cage.

The bear was kept captive in the cage till forest department officials found the creature in February. The officials informed the man it was illegal to keep the black bear as it was a protected animal groups. 

The bear was moved to a animal rescue and breeding center in Yunnan's Lijiang city.

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