Inmates get guard drunk, Escape Colombia's biggest prison

Colombia: Police in Colombia are searching for two detainees who just escaped Colombia's biggest jail in the wake of getting the security guard drunk. The criminals apparently persuaded the guard to release them to purchase more alcohol however, they did not return.

The detainees were discovered missing from the greatest security wing of the La Picota jail in Bogota on Saturday night after the security monitor's associates discovered him in a drunk state.

According to a prison guard "The guard was drinking with the detainees, he was tanked, he couldn't stand and probably let the detainees out the main door to purchase a drink,"

The guard likewise supposedly declined to get a breathalyzer test and failed to alarm authorities about the prisoners getting away.

The two detainees were recognized as Jhon Gutierrez Rincon who was condemned to 40 years imprison time for hijacking and coercion in 2003 and Olmedo Vargas who was anticipating trial for an asserted burglary from November 2017.

The generation of home-prepared alcohol inside the jail premises is regular in spite of regular checks. The detainees' simple escape could likewise be credited to widespread debasement inside the jail facility. 

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