Woman accidentally tosses $100,000 worth of jewellery in garbage

Georgia: Georgia's sanitation workers burned through three hours digging through almost 10 tons of waste after receiving a panic call from a lady who said she had accidently tossed out diamond jewellery worth $100,000 in the garbage. Luckily for her, the landfill staff succeeded in finding the bag that contained three rings and a bracelet.

As indicated by media reports, the lady made a "panic" call to the landfill once she found what she had done. The workers, drove by Hall County's solid waste Director Johnnie Vickers, sprung vigorously. Five individuals started filtering through waste, in an attempt to discover the ornaments. The main piece of information they had was that it was in a black bag. 

However it was not going to be simple in a place where 300 tons of garbage arrives on a daily basis. After three hours, they finally discovered the bag. 

"We reached down and picked up a final bag," Mr Vickers said. They had finally managed to find the black bag with the diamond adornments worth $100,000 inside. 

"We try to treat it just like that we had lost it," Mr Vickers said.

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