Husband buries wife under a cow dung mountain to cure snake bite

Uttar Pradesh: Indians thrive on superstition, or possibly it is the other path round. We have such huge numbers of nonsensical ideas connected to things - breaking of a mirror, bubbling of milk, black cat crossing your way and so forth. 

Devendri, a 35-year-old lady in Uttar Pradesh's Bulandshahr district was bitten by a snake when she was out in the fields to gather wood. She immediately rushed home to tell her husband about the incident. 

Presently, rather than taking her to the doctor- which is the thing that a normal individual would do - her husband called a snake charmer to cure and get the poison out of her body. Upon his advise, the husband wrapped the lady with cow dung and made a cow dung mountain over her body.

This hack eventually ended up killing the lady. Kudos!

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