Rollercoaster gets stuck mid-ride, riders left hanging upside down

Osaka: A roller-coaster at Universal Studios in Japan all of a sudden ceased mid-ride. The roller-coaster's sudden halt left more than 60 individuals hanging upside down for up to two hours as amusement park workers started rescue efforts. Luckily, no one was injured in the episode. 

Total of 64 individuals were riding on the Jurassic Park-inspired "Flying Dinosaur" roller coaster when it all of a sudden halted on Tuesday. 

As per local media reports, two separate carriages stopped- one amid its upward climb and another before reaching the terminal. Identifying these issues, the roller-coaster's safety device was activated. 

A video posted on YouTube by Japanese daily paper Asahi Shimbun indicates exactly how high the riders were trapped. The recording, shot from a helicopter, catches the strained rescue efforts. The amusement park's staff attempted to enable individuals to unbuckle and get off the ride securely. 

The ride was restarted around two hours later and in spite of the obstacles, a few people at the park lined up to try the same ride. 

Video credits: Asahi Shimbun

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