Website calculates dowry for 'Pitch Black' Grooms

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a website was traced which calculates the dowry worth of prospective grooms in India, the parameter in which the portal calculates, is with the help of “groom’s skin colour”. If one clicks on it, he/she will get options like “pitch black (not visible on a moonless night)” and “wheatish (Almost white. Would need some Fair n Lovely)”.

If you log into the website, you will be asked to fill in details like age, caste, profession, salary, country where the person is employed and the profession of the man’s father.

The website suggests that a 25-year-old Brahmin IAS officer should get Rs 1 crore as dowry and he could also expect a lavish wedding, land property, expensive jewellery and also a foreign trip sponsored by the in-laws.

Congress' Guna MP Jyotiraditya Scindia has lodged a complaint with Prime Minister’s Office and Union Ministry of Women and Child Development regarding this.

“Someone just brought this site to my attention. Absolutely shameful! Let me remind the developers that giving or taking dowry is illegal in India. I urge the women welfare ministry and PM to take immediate action against this,” Scindia tweeted.

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