Crayfish amputes its claw to escape being cooked

China: In a Bizzare incident, a clayfish escaped being boiled in hot water and managed to get out of the pot after ripping off its claw.

The 11-second clip has since gone viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo, the Straits Times reports. The video contains clips of the crustacean amputating its own claw to avoid ending up in a boiling hotpot in a restaurant in China.

The diner who captured the video, known as “Jiuke” on Weibo, claims to have adopted the critter and taken it home as a pet.

“I let him live, I already took him home and I’m raising him in an aquarium,” he said, according to the Times. Whether he ate the claw his new pet abandoned in the bubbling soup remains unclear.

As fearless as the move may seem, these freshwater crustaceans have the ability to regrow lost limbs.

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