Video shows car driving backwards on busy road

Ohio: In a video that appears as though it could be right out of a computer game, a driver was caught driving reverse for over a mile on a bustling street. A video shared by Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) demonstrates a SUV going in reverse on US Route 33. The white vehicle navigates at least two traffic lights before reversing into a parking lot and finally stopping. The incident occurred at 6.45 am on Tuesday morning. The video has been seen more than 1 lakh times on Facebook. 

As indicated by the sources, the entire length was 1.2 miles in length and kept going roughly four minutes. 

An ODOT representative told neighborhood media that they don't know why the driver drove reverse, yet hypothesized that the vehicle may have had transmission issues, which left the driver with no other decision but to back up. 

On Facebook, the department composes that nobody was harmed in the incident, and requests that drivers pull over and call for help if their vehicle isn't running properly. 

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