Fashion show where models are replaced by drones

Saudi Arabia: Have you heard of a fashion show where drones replace models? It looks precisely as unusual as it sounds, as demonstrated by various videos right now becoming famous online on social media. No less than three separate videos show garments being flown down a runway - with the help of drones. In spite of the fact that some Twitterati (and Qatar's The New Arab) claim the fashion show where drones replace models took place in Saudi Arabia, there's no definitive proof of this. In any case, seeing the drones hovering over the runway is sufficiently interesting that it warrants a watch, as we would see it. 

The first video was shared on Twitter on June 3, shows a black abaya - the free, full-sleeved robe-like dress worn by some Muslim ladies - being flown down a runway by a drone. Individuals on the sidelines look as the piece of clothing shudders past. 

There are various variants of the three videos circulating via social media - numerous with millions of views.

Video Courtesy: Kang Irmat

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