Caged tiger brought to Prom at Miami

Miami (USA): In a bizzare incident, a Miami high school held a jungle-themed prom party which included a live caged tiger.

The prom’s advertised theme was “Welcome to the Jungle,” and staff at Christopher Columbus High School went to some effort to fulfill this promise of the wild.

Around 400 graduates were asked to arrive at the DoubleTree by Hilton Miami Airport and Convention Center in jackets and ties, clean-shaven, sober and unpierced. 

The prom had been decorated like a real, wild safari camp with faux-rock walls and fake snakes and trees along the main wall.

Other decorations were real. A live lemur and macaw were incorporated into the spectacle to serve as props for the students’ take-home photos. 

Christopher Columbus’s student activity committee has also vanished pictures of prom night’s wildest surprise a live tiger to entertain the students, for which the principal has since apologized.

The tiger was wheeled through the double-doors midway through the event, in a cage not much larger than its massive frame, accompanied by spotlights and the thud of drums.

The school authorities have apologised for the incident. The school did not respond to questions asking which company provided the prom animals and how administrators decided on the jungle theme.

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