Woman reaches hospital with snake wrapped around arm

Beijing: A woman in China grabbed and carried a non-toxic snake to the hospital.

The video clip which is now viral on social media sites was first shared on Chinese social media. The video shows a woman standing in a hospital with the snake twined around her wrist after it bit her.  


A video shared by Pear Video shows the woman at the reception of the hospital lifting the snake.
According to People's Daily, China, the incident took place in Pujing County, China's Zhejiang Province. The snake which was 1.5 meter long was wrapped around the hand of the woman. It is said that the woman acted calmly while holding the non-venomous snake.

It is reported that the woman said she was not afraid of snakes; on the contrary, she found snakes 'cute'.

As per Dailymail, the hospital said in a statement that the patient is around 20 years old. She told the doctor that she was searching for her dropped phone in the shrubs while being bitten by the snake, which then crawled onto her palm. The woman then caught the snake and rushed to the hospital

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