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Right from the time of it’s origin there are wonderful environmental conditions present on our planet earth. But as human tendency is! We give least value to the things which we have in abundance and this abundant environment around us has been degrading. Today a stage has been reached where soon it’s predicted to get extinct.

Environment might not be the most expensive gift given to us by God but yes it surely plays an important part in most of our expenses. Is it not our prime duty to protect and conserve this precious gift? The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the raw materials required for the various products which play an important role in the global economy. Where do we get all these things? YES! from the vast environment around us. The present environmental conditions state that the day is soon going to arrive when everything will become extinct.

Just talking about environment protection is not enough. We humans, the so called intelligent species, need to put our talks into action. The amount of deforestation, industrialization needs to be decreased to a great extent. Planting more and more trees, trying to convert barren and uncultivated lands into green lands. Building reserves for the protection of rare species of plants and animals.

Organizing proper waste management programs. Preventing the flow of hazardous waste into river bodies. These are some of the prominent measures.
The most important part is to make the less aware people more aware about environment conservation and the current problems faced. `Change begins from a single person’ so why not each and every person right from this moment start giving their little contribution towards our environment. It’s not just a need but our duty to think about the future generations. Is it so that just piling up heaps of money would be enough for them? With money would they be able to buy OXYGEN? The answer is NO!!
As they say `Charity begins at home’, so let’s make our nation the biggest contributor in this world for CONSERVING OUR ENVIRONMENT!!

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