PUSH YOUR PEN: School Days – The days I would love to relive again

“School days” is such a word which brings smile on all the face of all the grownups like me. But most of the school going children neither like to go to school nor hear anything about school!

“I don’t want to go to school” is the cry which we get to hear from all the little ones on the first day of the school. Whenever I see little children going to school, it takes me back to the memory lane where it was my first day of school. Though I don’t remember much of what happened exactly on first day of my school, I often get to hear from my parents about the tantrums I showed that day not to go to school. I had also made my parents sit outside my classes for almost two weeks till my classes got over. I remember how my first class teacher Mrs. Irene took care of all the tiny tots with so much patience and love. Later on I got adjusted with my new friends and the love shown by my teachers ,which helped my parents get back to their works. It showed that indeed teachers are second parents. 
School days means there comes the thoughts of caring teachers, lovely friends, different games played, sharing the tiffins, picnics, annual day rehearsals and functions which then brought smile on our faces but now brings smiles but with teary eyes. There are no less moments where we cried then but laugh at them now, it takes to the memories of little fights with friends, punishment given by teachers for mischief and cheatings in homework, being scared about exam results, getting scolding from parents for scoring less marks, first day of school after long vacation and the list goes on and on.

As the years passed we got promoted to higher classes and could not wait more to grow up. But now it feels like good were those school days when parents used to get us dressed up to school and come to drop us to school. We would wave at them sometimes happily and sometimes sad and would go to the beautiful different world called “SCHOOL”. We all entered the world called school with tears and also we came out of that world with tears and big dreams. But then the tears were because we didn’t want to go to school and now it was because we didn’t want to leave it and go away from that lovely world.

There is no doubt that school days are the most beautiful and memorable days of my and everyone else’s life, where we would all love to go back again. 
Aishwarya. Kamath. B

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