Government has given law into the hands of gangsters: R Ashok

Hot on the heels of the murder of a Hindu, the son of a Congress politician carries a life threatening assault on a youth named Vidvat. Another Congress leader threatens to douse B.B.M.P with petrol and set it on fire. These instances clearly denote the collapse of law and order in the state. Ex Deputy Chief Minister R. Ashok gives his thoughts about the current state government in an exclusive interview with Udayavani

The current police officials are the same officials who were carrying their duties when you were in office. Why then do you insist that the law and order has broken down in the state even when the officials remain unchanged?

Yes, there are many officers who have solved many a crime and caught tough criminals with agility. But, only those who are in league with Congress, and serve them are the only ones who get opportunities for good position and those serving for the people only get transferred. Congress leaders themselves are assaulting policemen and the government is not coming forward to put an end to it. Observing all this, policemen think why should we attract danger onto ourselves and simply sit around doing nothing. Because of this illegal activities have increased, gangsters armed with long machete’s carry on with their business. Opium and Ganja is getting used without inhibition and the police are not willing to put an end to it. Therefore, there is no doubt in saying that the Congress government has spoilt the entire police system.

In the incident of life threatening assault on Vidvat by minister N.A.Harris son Mohammed Nalpad Harris, the politician himself has come forward to make his son surrender to the police. He is been booked under sec.307 (murder attempt). In this case, how can you say that the government does nothing?

The police were apprehensive to register a case as soon as the assault took place. They first filed the complaint against the injured victim Vidvat. The police themselves tried to prove the false charge of Vidvat being drunk. They were ready to accuse the critically injured victim who was getting treatment in a hospital as the culprit. Only after BJP and the public together protested in front of the police station, then was a 307 case file against the actual culprits. Accused Mohammed Nalpad arrived to the station with his gang who attacked the protesters and media persons. Is this not an issue of disgrace for Congress?

How can the Congress government be ashamed of itself with only one such incident?

Not only this incident, what actions did the police take on Congress leader Narayana Swamy, after he threatened to douse petrol on B.B.M.P. office and set it on fire? Why has no action been taken against the Congress leader who has threatened to smash a stone on anyone’s head that dares draw the BJP lotus emblem in Rajarajeshwari Nagar? Not limiting to Bengaluru, the government remains silent when Congress leaders and workers violently attack other party members and civilians. No action has been taken against those accused in the murder of numerous Hindu activists.

You claim that opium and ganja is being sold without inhibition. It is supposed to be curtailed by the police. If the police are failing at it, what can Congress possibly do?

Ganja and opium is inexorably being brought to Bengaluru from different countries. Many dealers can be found near schools and colleges. This kind of royal distribution of drugs can only occur during the Congress Government’s period. If police takes action against this menace, the government simply transfers them. Dutiful officers get transferred to far off places. Hence, the police have given up working.

Hasn’t the Home Minister claimed with numbers and facts that law and order functions better under Congress government when compared with BJP government?

Home Minister’s only job is to pull out numbers from the years of his choice and levy accusations on BJP. If the law and order is correct, would Bengaluru be standing in the second position nationally for most crimes taking place?

BJP has made minorities angry through its assertion of Hindutva ideology. Due to this, law and order in the state is being spoilt claims the government?

When BJP government existed, everyone was treated equally. Nobody was judged on Hindu-Muslim basis. Since Congress government came to power, it has hurt the sentiments of Hindus by introducing Tippu Jayanthi which is being celebrated disregarding the fact that he forcefully converted Hindus and Bahamani Sultan Jayanthi is being celebrated even after the Sultan routed Vijayanagar Empire and spoilt Hampi. Even after the murder of more than 25 Hindu activists, the government still supports associations with Islamic ideology leading to the occurrence of bad incidents.

Other than Hindu’s getting murdered, Muslims are also getting murdered. Why isn’t BJP saying anything about it?

All murders occurring are due to the broken mechanism of law and order in the state. BJP has taken voice against all murders. In the present situation, the state has a lack of speakers and listeners. Congress has pried out law from the hands of the police and presented it into the hands of criminals.

Isn’t it BJP’s politics to begin a protest when a murder takes place and to take responsibility to intensify the protest only to eventually keep quite?

Every time there is a murder or the law and order breaks down, BJP has protested. But for Congress government this is a daily business. Daily such incidents take place and protests take place. Even though we energetically protest, the present government crossed all limits and ignored our protests.

Isn’t BJP accused of exaggerating crimes for political gains since there is an upcoming election?

To do politics there are more than enough issues. Corruption, encroachments on official levels, Chief Minister’s expensive watch issue, tender being given to CM’s son, Arkavathi de-notification issue and many other similar corruption instances are there. But the proper functioning of Law and order is important for the state. Karnataka will remain only if law and order functions right. Therefore BJP is more serious about this issue. It is the stupidity of Congress to call our protests political.

Aren’t you accused of failing to release a list containing the names of the corrupt due to lack of evidence and then diverting to other issues to accuse the government?

A committee was created to prepare a list of those accused in scandals along with evidence. But we are waiting for instructions to release from party national president Amith Shah. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah claims that there are no corruption cases on him, how come there are 47 complaints in ACB against him? What has happened to those cases?

How can any action be taken against the Chief Minister when all the complaints have been deemed as lies?

To prove a complaint to be a lie isn’t an investigation required? Has any investigation been done? What is the meaning of claiming a complaint to be a lie when the FIR itself is not registered? Cases are being filed in ACB against opposition leaders, but in the case of Congress, ACB I itself is providing them shelter.

Is “Government’s failure to maintain law and order”, your election cry?

Before making this into an election topic, Bengaluru and Karnataka should first get cleansed of rowdy’s and terrorist. For this reason we are conducting ‘Save Karnataka’ fight. For elections, there are more than enough topics.

If so, what is your election topic?

Recently Prime Minister termed the government a “10 percent government”. That is our election topic.

The Chief Minister has asked you to give proof on percentage government accusation. Why haven’t you given it yet?   

For proof, the Chief Minister can look into the dairy of his state secretary Govindaraju. The percentage amount has been written in it. In the incident where Congress leader claimed that nothing works here unless and until a percentage is paid, and threatened to burn down B.B.M.P. office with petrol, clearly depicts our point. What more proofs does he require?

Chief Minister has given a perfect answer back to Prime Minister’s statement?

Where has he answered? Prime Minister somewhere used Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s name claims Congress. But, the Chief Minister has insulted the Prime Minister personally by the use of foul language. He does not know respect or decorum. He must learn on how to conduct himself. About whom is he talking? What is the person’s background? He does not seem to know his own background. By using foul words against the Prime Minister, he has presented bad politics.

What should the government do to bring back law and order?

Home ministry needs strong leadership. A strict home minister is required. Controlling communalism and appointing capable officers to take care of rowdyism. Transferring officials should not become a business and care should be taken not to trouble the people. A division to monitor police morality is needed. If the force moral is good it automatically functions well.

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