Judge orders man to write 144 compliments for his ex-girlfriend

Hawaii (USA): In a Bizarre incident, a judge here has ordered a man to write 144 compliments to his ex girlfriend after bombarding her with “nasty” text messages.

The special punishment was issued by 2nd Circuit Judge Rhonda Loo, who informed the young man that he would also be barred from using 'repeating words' in his written compliments.

'For every nasty thing you said about her, you're going to say a nice thing,' the judge informed him.

Back in February this year, the Kahului, Hawaii, man was ordered by the court to stop contacting his ex-girlfriend. 

By trying to contact the woman, Mr Young had violated a protection order issued in February after they had split up, the court heard.

“It’s so childish to think a grown man can be so thumb-happy,” Judge Loo said.

“I don’t know whether I should cut off your fingers or take away your phone to get you to stop texting.

“You probably shouldn't get a phone, period. I hope she changed her number.”

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