Over 600 trees to go down to build the new DC office in Mangaluru

Mangaluru: The new DC Office Complex which is planned to be built on a six-acre land at Alake Village in Padil will allegedly bring down over 600 trees from the site.

While a petition against cutting down trees is pending before the National Green Tribunal, an application seeking permission to cut the trees has come to the forest department.

Public hearing is required for projects that require cutting more than 50 trees as per the orders of the Karnataka High Court and Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act, 1976.

Forest department official have called for a public hearing to seek their view on the subject.

However, activists in the city are planning to fight against the act during the public hearing. National Environment Care Federation (NECF) state secretary Shashidhar Shetty said that a social media campaign has already been created to spread awareness and motivate more people to join the campaign against the act.

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