Coastalwood producers association rules have no value

Mangaluru: For the first time in the history of Tulu film industry, March 23rd witness the simultaneous release of two Tulu movies, ‘Appe teacher’ and ‘Tottilu’. There is fear that this could lead to a total embarrassment for Coastalwood. This has also become a reason of anger to the movie producers.

Tulu film producers association was established two years back and already has many producers in its ambit. The senior members have created a few rules. According to the rules, only one Tulu movie can be released per week. There should be a minimum of 3 weeks difference between the releases of two Tulu films. Preference of release date is given to the movie based on the date of it receiving its censor certificate. But the new producers have disregarded these rules and created an environment of disagreement within the producers association.

Speaking with ‘Udayavani’ producers association president Rajesh Bhramavar said, “ ‘Appe teacher’ director Kishore Moodabidri and ‘Tottilu’ director Prajwal Kumar Attavara are not the members of the producers association. Therefore the producers association did not come forward to compromise this problem existing between the two movie teams. If both the teams come to the association with aim to solve this problem, the association will definitely help them.”

Southern film industry is currently observing a strike over prices charged by digital service providers. This protest also includes withholding the theatrical release of new movies. Therefore a release date for a movie is not possible during this period of strike, informs the film industry commercial board. But the decision to release ‘Appe teacher’ and ‘Tottilu’ movie has become fodder for debates.  

‘Appe teacher’ is getting ready for its release on March 23rd at Suchitra film theatre. But, Suchitra movie theatre is undergoing renovation; hence the movie release is doubtful. Therefore the movie team is in talks with a different movie theatre to facilitate its release. Amidst this, ‘Tottilu’ movie has done all forms of preparation for its release at Jyothi film theatre on March 23rd.

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