BJP dividing the people: Amrith Shenoy

Udupi: “In order to gain votes, BJP is dividing the people on the lines of religion. Siddaramiah led Congress government, in its last five years of administration has viewed all castes and religion equally,” said AICC member Amrith Shenoy.

He was speaking to the media and said that BJP, along with spreading communal disharmony they are also hurling false accusations on Congress.

“Though Shobha Karandlaje is the MP of this region and has done nothing for the region, she is only obsessed with spewing false allegations on Congress. The BJP’s accusation that Congress has cheated Hindu temples is a pure lie.”

“Only for the sake of gaining votes, they are giving such statements. The previous BJP government in its term from 2008-2013 had said that it will give 24,ooo rupees to the temples. But the funds were never released. Later, the Congress government increased the amount to 48,000 rupees and also released the pending amount of the BJP government. “

Why silent?

“The 57 lakh rupees grant to ‘Neelavara Goshala’ was not provided by the BJP government; but by Siddaramiah led Congress government. The state government is not imposing any tax on marriage halls functioning under the temple administration. But, Modi led BJP government is imposing GST on marriage halls. Why is BJP quite about this?”he asked.

BJP speaks about a law banning cow slaughter and argue that the law to be implemented only in particular states. Why are they silent about cow slaughter in Kerala, Goa and North-east India? “he asked.

“In every election they put forth the proposal for Ram Mandir. Since the last 25 years, this has only been an election issue and no development has been seen in this regard. Modi government came to power in the name of Ram Mandir and has been in centre since 4 years, UP too has Yogi Government, why have they not attempted anything and kept quite? BJP needs to stop spreading hatred amongst people to gain votes and inform the real issue to the people,” he said.

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