Untreated water from Pachanady enters Phalguni river

Mangaluru: The drinking water being distributed from Malvoor Vented Dam has become unusable after the untreated water from the MCC’s sewage treatment plant at Pachanady started entering the Phalguni River due to which almost 9 GP’s have stopped supplying the dam water.

Due to the unexpected heavy rains a few days back, the untreated water overflowed from the sewage treatment plant and entered into the Phalguni River. No water from the plat was actually been let out into the river. After the rainwater was let into the underground drainage within MCC limits, the amount of water flowing in the underground drainage was more than expected, thereby leading to the problem, informed the corporation officials.

The sewage within MCC limits is treated at the sewage treatment plant at Pachanady after which the water is sent to Pilikula Nisargadhama. Altogether, three levels of water purification are carried out, of which 2 units are at Pachanady and the third is at Pilikula.

In the backdrop of the local GP giving complaint about the untreated water entering the river, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel, MLA Umanath Kotiyan, MCC commissioner Mohammed Nazeer and others visited the site and conducted an inspection.

What is the real accusation?

MCC treats the drainage water and gives it to Pilikula, but in the rainy season, Pilikula does not require this water because of which the untreated water is being directly let out into the drains, accuse the residents of Moodushedde GP. Every year, untreated water is let out into the river this way. Since the last summer, drinking water is being used from Malavoor Dam because of which the releasing of untreated water into the river has come into the spotlight.

After the first level of treatment, the water is being directly let out into the river through the drain. Sometimes it is let out in the second level of treatment. Since a few days, a bad smell has been emitting from the water because of which we have stopped the supply of drinking water from the dam. Earlier a well had to be buried because of the untreated water, informed the residents of Moodushedde GP.

Contaminated water in summer?

In summer too, the untreated water is being let out into the drain. But, then the land is dry and the water gets evaporated before reaching the river. However, in the monsoon season, it gets mixed with the rainwater and reaches the river. This issue has come into the spotlight after a few local farmers gave complaints in this regard. Our GP does not require drinking water in the rainy season. But, it is essential during the summer season, said Moodushedde GP president, Hariprasad.

Water exceeded the expectation

No water from the Pachanady unit is being let out into the drain. But in most places, rainwater is let out into the manholes. Hence the rainwater has mixed with the sewage leading to more than expected amount of water reaching the unit and overflowing into the drain, informed the corporation engineer.

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