Rain causes havoc in Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur: An incessant rain in Chikmagalur district has caused widespread havoc throughout the district throwing the life of its people out of gear.

Torrential rain was witnessed at Kalasa, Horanadu and Kudremukh. Hebbale bridge near Horanadu in Mudigere taluk has been completely submerged by the overflowing rainwater.

Movement of all private buses and tourist vehicles has come to a standstill. The movement will not be restored until the water level comes down.

Water in Tungabhadra river is also flowing at danger level. The river water has come up to the steps of the temple in Sringeri. The people living along the banks of the river are terrified by this sudden rise in water levels.

Nellibedu Bridge at the height of 150 feet at Kalasa has been submerged for the first time in history due to the heavy rains. The landslide at S.K.Board road in Sringeri has given birth to a traffic jam. The road is covered with trees and mud. Only two-wheelers and light motor vehicles can pass through, informed the police.

Chikmagalur-Mangaluru road closed

Vehicular movement along the NH 169 has come to a halt after a landslide occurred near Muruvina Kombe road. The road between Chikmagalur and Mangaluru via Kalasa and Kudremukh has been closed. Vehicles plying through Kudremukh road after the closure of Shiradi and Charmadi Ghat, cannot travel through this route as the Kalasa-Kudremukh road is inundated by rainwater. The traffic jam along this route goes to the distance of 1km.

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