Kapikad’s “Yer Uller”!

Mangaluru: After directing Chandi Kori, Barsa and  Are Marler Tulu movies, Devdas Kapikad is awaiting release for his fourth directorial outing titled “Yer Uller”.  The movie completed its shooting at a fast pace and is expected to get its dubbing done soon. The main cast of the movie includes Arjun Kapkad, Anoop Sagar, Rashmika Chengappa and Aradhya Shetty. Director Devdas Kapikad too will be acting in the movie.

The speciality of this movie is that 80% of this movie is in comedy mood and Kapikad can be seen the entire 80% of the movie. He is accompanied by Sai Krishna. The role played by Kapikad is that of a person from Karavali region who owns more than enough land and how he behaves with his flatterers. Since Kapikad plays the role of the protagonist in the film, a new form of expectation has been created in the Coastalwood.

“Yer Uller” movie cinematography is done by ‘Karne’ movie famed Sudhakar. The horror angle to the story is expected to give a new look to this movie.

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