MAHE campuses celebrate International Yoga Day

Manipal: Manipal Academy of Higher Education celebrated International Day of Yoga in association with Division of Yoga (Centre for Integrative Medicine and Research, CIMR) at the Dr TMA Pai Hall here on Thursday, with University officials, faculty, staff, students and others participating in the event. The Mangaluru campus also celebrated the Day at Attavar.

In Manipal, the programme was held in two sessions. The first session had Yoga demonstration and practice according to UGC protocol. It was headed by Dr. Annapoorna K. HOD, Division of Yoga and various yogic practices including asanas (swastika, vajra ,suptavajra, parivrta tada, trikona, veerabadhra, paschima, purva, janushirsha, pavanamukta, bhujanga, shalabha, dhanura, padottana, Vakra) pranayama (anulomaviloma, suryabedhana, bhramari) relaxation technique (makarasana, shavasana) were demonstrated. Hundreds of enthusiasts joined in performing yoga with the instructor for one hour.  

The second session was stage programme, where yoga experts gave a demo. Dr. N Udupa, Director Research (Health Sciences), MAHE, Manipal welcomed the gathering. Present on the occasion were Dr.HS Ballal, Pro Chancellor, Dr. Poornima Baliga, Pro Vice Chancellor (Faculty of Health Sciences) and others.

Yoga demonstration was also held at the Attavar campus in Mangaluru. The chief guests for the event were Dr. Rekha T, DDSA, Mangaluru campus and Dr.Ashita Uppoor, Associate Dean, MCODS Mangaluru. Dr Avinash, Post graduate student of Public Health Dentistry Department, MCODS Mangaluru a yoga teacher demonstrated asanas starting with Surya Namaskar followed by Trikon asan, Bhujang asana and Sarvanga asan to name a few.

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