Organizations hold a joint protest march against fuel hike

Mangaluru: Around 28 organisations joined together for a massive protest against fuel hike and marched from Hampanakatta Circle to DC office on Monday, September 10th.

The march was led by MLC Ivan D’Souza and said,” There has been continuous hike in fuel price and now it has reached up to Rs 81.63 per litre for petrol. Despite of less price of crude oil in international market the price for fuel has skyrocketed. In 2014, the price of petrol was Rs 65 per litre when the crude oil was at US$ 108.26 per barrel. And now in 2018, the crude oil is available at US$ 65 dollar per barrel and the petrol price is Rs 81.63 per litre. Even the diesel price has increased up to Rs 74 per litre, compared to Rs 48 in the year 2014."

"There is no control over the price for the fuel. We had urged to bring fuel under GST, but central government has refused to do so. The gas price was Rs 400 in 2014 and now it has doubled in 2018 to Rs 813 per cylinder. BJP led union government has completely failed to control the price hike of fuel and it is indirectly supporting the petroleum agencies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not know the feelings and difficulties of poor and middle class people. His office is working for corporate world only,” he observed.

CPI(M) Protest

Meanwhile, CPI(M) also organized a protest against fuel hike. Sunil Kumar Bajal, district secretary inaugurated protest and lashed out union governments fuel policy. Hundreds of party workers and members of various trade unions joined to the protest.

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