A model for communal harmony: Gulvadi Ganeshotsav

  • Hindu-Muslim community to celebrate together

Basrur: It is has almost become a norm for the police to call all religion peace meetings before a string of upcoming festivals. The reason for the meeting is to promote inter- religious amiability. But this process is not required in Gulvadi, during Ganesh Chaturthi. People from belonging to various religions here, come together to celebrate festivals and thereby have become a model for harmony.

Multi Community celebration

There is huge number of Muslims residing at Gulvadi in Byndoor taluk. Here, there is a temple along the route to the mosque. There is absolutely no example on any unpleasant incident to have occurred here in connection to communal disharmony. Muslims here take part in Hindu festivals and likewise, the Hindu here indulge in Muslim festivals.

Since the last two decades, a village welfare protection committee has been in place for the welfare of the village. This committee includes both, the Hindus and the Muslims. The committee is made up of 11 people including Mavinakatte Jumma Masjid president G M Cheriyabba, businessman Dr Balakrishna Bhandary, Prashanth Tolar, are the backbone of the committee. Through this committee, the unity amongst the various religious communities is maintained.

We rectify mistakes immediately

“The Gulvadi welfare protection committee has been functioning satisfactorily since the last 12 years. If small mistakes do occur in either of the communities, the committee facilitates an immediate solution to rectify the mistakes. We celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi as one. During Muslim festivals, they are also with us,” explained J P Mohammed, secretary of the village welfare protection committee, Gulvadi.

Equal participation

“No undesirable incident has ever taken place in Gulvadi. The reason, equal participation in each other’s festivals. The committee gives unbiased response to the many difficulties and problems of the villagers. The Muslim community taking part in the Chaturthi celebrations has set an example for others,” informed Prakashchandra Shetty, president, village welfare protection committee, Gulvadi.

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