Beware! Stingrays at Maple beach

Udupi: Stingray fish have returned back to Malpe beach. Since the last two days, many tourists visiting Udupi’s famous Malpe beach have been stung by sting ray fishes.

Normally, these fishes are found in deep oceans, but during their breeding season they prefer the shallow inshore waters. Accordingly, enough number of fishes has come towards the shores, this year too. The fish will remain along the shore for another week, its being said.

When the stingray fishes visit the shores for breeding, they tend to be aggressive. During such a period, if a tourist gets into the water, there is high chances he will be stung by the fish. Since the last Friday, 12 cases of stingray attack have been reported at Malpe beach. The stingray attack victims received treatment from the life guards at the beach. Those, whose injuries were of a serious nature, were admitted to a local hospital.


When the stingray fish attacks its victim with its barb located on its tail, it causes severe pain and bleeding. Since the barb of the stingray is more likely to cause sepsis, it is well advised to visit a doctor if one has suffered a stingray attack.

Warning for tourists

Stingray attacks have been occurring at Malpe beach since the last 7-8 years. With the monsoon season in action, the temperature of the sea water falls down. In this backdrop, the stingrays come towards the shore to lay eggs. This breeding season is expected to last for another 10 days. Therefore, it will not be wise for tourists to venture into the waters at Malpe beach.

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