‘Umil’ to be released during Dasara

Mangaluru: Ranjit Suvarna directed ‘Umil’ tulu movie which is infused with graphics will see release during Dasara celebrations. Along with the sound of the drums beating for the tiger dance, Umil will be making its own sound in the theaters.

This movie which has created a lot of curiosity in Coastalwood. Umil, which is heavily based on graphics will also be brining in Dr Rajkumar family into Karavali. This is so because, the audio rights of the movie has been bought by PRK Company, which is owned by Dr Rajkumar family.

A song in this movie has been sung by Punith Rajkumar, which has created already created a lot of curiosity about the movie. Also another song in the movie has been sung by Arvind Bolar.

The teaser and music of the movie will be released soon and its being said that Umil’s sound will be definitely heard during Dasara celebration.

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