Coastalwood facing ‘The Villain’!

Mangaluru: If a movie releasing in Coastalwood if faced by a movie from another language, it causes a bit of inconvenience to the releasing movie and this is normal. Earlier too, Tulu movie producers have show signs of reluctance to release their movies when faced by a big budget Kannada movie. In that too, this fear persists when a movie of another language is released. Hence, calculations with respect to the release of movies in other languages have to be done before releasing the Tulu movie. Presently this is the fear.

According to the current information, Tulu cinema producers are hesitant to release their movies with the upcoming release of the big budget Sandalwood movie ‘The Villain’ starring Shivraj Kumar and Sudeep.

Though two Tulu movies are all prepared for release, as per their calculations, they believe it will be much safer to release their movies after the release of ‘The Villain’ Kannada movie. By that time, if another movie in Coastalwood decides its release date, then earlier unreleased movies will be in a fix.

Amidst this, two Tulu movies are receiving good response in the theatres, but there is a fear that the number of shows of these movies might be cut down in the multiplexes due to priority given to ‘The Villain’ movie. The two Tulu movies already being shown in the multiplex were adversely affected a little with the release of ‘Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shale’ Kannada movie. However, the two movies did not suffer much damage since they had already garnered aa reputation of being good movies. Even now the movie is seeing houseful shows.

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