Eyes of Jayanti Baliga awaiting to see the killers of her son Vinayak Baliga punished!

Mangaluru: Late RTI activist Vinayak Baliga’s sister Anuradha has received a letter from Father Muller-Rotary Mangalore North Eye Bank located at Kankanady in the city stating the both corneas of her mother late Jayanti Baliga have been transplanted. Now, the donated eyes have been awaiting to see the killers of her son Vinayak Baliga punished!

This is a sad story of Jayanti Baliga who passed away recently. She saw her only son Vinayak Baliga, murdered on March 3, last year. Vinayak Baliga was hacked to death by a gang of criminals allegedly set up by those who wanted to silent him for questioning irregularities in a number of institutions run by his own members of community.

After the death of her only son, Jayanti Baliga had been depressed and was worried about the safety of other members of her family. As a lady born in an orthodox family, she wanted her last rites to be performed by her only son. However, her eldest son in law had to perform that duty.

Depression might have impacted her mind and physical health after the death of her son as she was fell unconscious from a massive brain hemorrhage and passed away without regaining consciousness this year. However the grieving family even in the time of this shock remembered to donate her eyes so that at least two needy persons would be helped.

Let's hope that her eyes may see the murderers of son punished by the due process of law through the sight of those who have received these transplants.

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