‘Appe teacher’ and ‘Tottilu’ to release on same day

Mangaluru: For the first time in the history of Tulu film industry, two Tulu films are vying for release on the same day. Confusion and contention is rifle between the directors and producers of both the films as well as the waiting public.

‘Appe teacher’ directed by Kishore Moodabidri and ‘Tottilu’ directed by Prajwal Kumar Attavar, are the two movies preparing for release on March 23rd. But ‘Appe teacher’ movie team had already announced its release date to be March 23rd, a month ago. Amidst this, ‘Tottilu’ movie team has announced that they have decided to release their movie on March 23rd as well. Hence, Coastalwood is full of discussions regarding this first time simultaneous release of two Tulu films. Booking of theaters for the release of these movies could possibly lead to conflict.

Speaking with Udayavani, ‘Appe teacher’ movie director said, “It is definite that the movie will release on March 23rd. We have all ready done preparation with regard to this. ‘Tottilu’ movie director has not yet responded to our request on postponing his movie release date”.

“Totil movie received its censor certificate last November itself. On March 23rd, the movie will be released at Jyothi talkies. The movie shall be released to all the movie theaters in the district, a week later,” said, Prajwal Kumar Attavar, director of ‘Tottilu’ film.

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