Congress condemn witchcraft against Lobo

Mangaluru: “The development works done in the last 5 years by Mangaluru South legislative assembly constituency Congress candidate J.R.Lobo had gained people’s admiration. The opposition cannot bear to see the people’s admiration and the imminent fear of defeat had made them resort to witchcraft, thus displaying their mindset,” said former mayor Mahabala Marla.

He was speaking on Saturday at a press conference at Mangaluru South legislative assembly constituency election office and said, “By calling Kerala based black magician to Nandigudda cemetery and performing witchcraft they planned to adversely affect the health of J.R.Lobo. The evidence on the act of witchcraft at Nandigudda cemetery has been found. It shows that the opposition does not have faith in the democracy system, the constitution and the spirits and gods,” he said.

“J.R.Lobo had procured grants for the development of numerous temples and cemeteries in his constituency, which proves his secular personality. Many senior citizens have visited temples and done pooja’s for his well being and protection from the witchcraft. This witchcraft was done within the government public cemetery which against the law. Corporation member Shailaza has submitted a complaint to election commission and police to take action against the culprits. Congress party suspects that this act can only be carried by the opposition party and no one else, “ he accused.

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