Congress, BJP workers opinion not considered for candidate selection: Srikar Prabhu

Mangaluru: “In this times legislative assembly election, Congress and BJP’s selection of candidates without the opinion of the honest party workers will help me in my victory,” said Mangaluru South Legislative Assembly constituency independent candidate Srikar Prabhu. He was addressing his supporters at his election office.

“Due to the selfishness of a few leaders, party workers have been shunted thus creating chaos within the parties,” he said.

“By observing the party candidate selection by Congress and BJP, one can understand that the current politics within parties is solely dependent on cast power and money power. Party workers who have been saddened by this have left the parties and are giving more value to their personality,” he said, claiming that this will help in his victory.

Prabhu expressed that his victory in this times election is definite and this victory will be the victory of the common people and honest party workers. He said that his principles have not changed and trying to keep me away from giving service to the people will be unsuccessful, thus boosting the morale of his workers.

“Voters are my high command. A few leaders of Congress and BJP, who have selected candidates without the opinion of party workers will return not only return back home after elections but will also be the reason behind the defeat of their individual parties. The initial confusion due to the announcement of candidate names by both the parties is the example to this,” he said.

“Today, hundreds of workers took part in my ‘Padayatre’ at prominent places in Managluru including Shivbhag, Bendoorewell, Balmatta and Mallikatte. People’s admiration of me has increased and I have faith that they will vote for me and make me victorious. Amidst this, the specialty is that since our logo is an auto-rickshaw, auto-rickshaw drivers and owners have given their support with great enthusiasm and joined us,” he added.

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