BEd degrees being conferred illegally alleges ex-member of Mangalore Univ

Mangaluru: The Mangalore University has been accused of accrediting individuals with Bed degrees by wrongful means. The accusation has been levelled by Abhishek Ullal, a former member of the University's academic council.

Speaking at a press meet held to highlight the irregularities going on at the University, Abhishek Ullal, on Saturday, August 25 demanded that the University investigate the cases where individuals obtained the degree by wrongful means and revoke them.

Abhishek informed that he had lodged a private complaint about the same and that a report of the investigation, conducted by the police department had been sent to the university but no action was taken on it.

Stating that a full-time lecturer, employed at the Narayana Guru College at Kudroli since the year 2002 had secured a BEd degree from Prasanna BEd College in Beltangady during the 2004-06 academic year, he questioned how it was possible for the lecturer to simultaneously attend classes in Belthangady as well as work at the Narayana Guru College.   

He added that during this said period the lecturer had been drawing his salary from the college and had even worked as a coordinator for National Service Scheme of Mangalore University.

Furthermore, he said that the University has reached the rock-bottom presently because of these irregularities. 

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