Passport may not work as address proof anymore

New Delhi: The foreign ministry has decided that the last page of the Indian passport that carries details of the individual such as the address, father’s name, mother’s name, spouse’s name etc. will not be printed henceforth.

The department had received several requests for removing the father's name in the passport. The decision comes after a report by a joint panel of foreign ministry and Women and Child Development ministry officials. In addition, Orange passports will be issued to the ones who require emigration checks and those with non-ECR status will continue to get a blue passport as this will be convenient and faster for processes in the airport.

In the new passports the last page will remain blank and all the required information will be stored in the system of the external affairs ministry for better government working. Therefore, one cannot use the passport as an address proof.

The above decision by the foreign ministry aims at protecting the details of the citizen. Currently, passports are issued in three colours, white passport for Government officers, red passport for diplomats and blue passport for the citizens. Indian Security Press, Nasik will design the new passports and the citizens will get the new passport after their existing ones expire.

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