Ola suspended a driver after receiving a complaint against him

Bengaluru: Cab aggregator Ola issued a statement that a driver, who was accused of molesting a woman passenger, was immediately terminated from his duties after receiving the customer's complaint. And  will probe the issue

bengaluru witnessed an appaling incident,  ola cab driver in Bengaluru allegedly tried to molest a woman and obstructed her from escaping by triggering child lock in his car.

The 23-year-old woman who works as a fashion stylist claimed that incident took place at 10:30 pm on Sunday when she booked ola cab to travel from Indiranagar to BTM layout. The cab driver who is identified as Rajashekhar Reddy stopped the car when he found a lonely spot on the Intermediate Ring Road on the way to Koramangala. He then tried touching the woman inappropriately.

She shouted for help and tried to flee from the car but child lock was activated In the car, she was helpless and was unable to open the door. Thus her endeavour to escape was successful as she started banging the windows and created a commotion after which he let her out. Even after the woman alighted from the car, he started following her making indecent gestures. The woman ran for 500 meters till she reached the Ejipura traffic signal.

Ola driver was suspended after the woman complained to the cab aggregator. On Monday, the woman received six calls from Reddy, who not only berated her for complaining to Ola about his behaviour but also threatened to cause her harm, saying that he knew where she stayed.

The woman then approached Madiwala police station. When the police investigated, Reddy defended saying that he did not molest the woman and only tried to help her open the door which was child-locked.

The woman did not file a formal complaint and the police let go Reddy after a stern warning.

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