CM Siddaramaiah blames Simha for creating chaos during Hanuma Jayanti

Bengaluru: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah defended Home Minister, Kempaiah, who was recently accused of provoking fight during the Hanuma rally, where MP Pratap Simha was arrested.

MP Simha had accused Mysuru SP Ravi Channannavar for being more "loyal" to Kempaiah than the police department. Simha had also said that SP Channannavar had imposed "unnecessary" restrictions for the rally.

Siddaramaiah responding to Simha’s statement said, "Kempaiah may have spoken to Mysuru SP Ravi Channannavar about law and order situation - there is nothing wrong in it."

Simha has attacked the SP and blamed the Mysuru district police for filing unnecessary charges against Hindu devotees. He said, "Don't blame the Deputy Commissioner for your failures and that of the Police department. The DC has imposed restrictions, based on the reports of the Police department. It's time you introspect whether you are loyal to the police duty or to Home Minister's advisor Kempaiah."

Siddaramaiah also said that Simha lacked political maturity. "The police had indicated the route to be taken during Hanuma Jayanti. Despite this, Simha created the ruckus."

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