Chaos at Namma metro purple line due to power outrage

Bengaluru: The purple line of namma metro was brought to a halt due to lack of power supply. The incident caused panic among the passengers and the delay resulted in massive crowding at the station.

The power cut took place on Tuesday at around 10am for about 20 minutes at the peak hours.

The passengers felt suffocated as the AC stopped working. Some trains were stopped at the stations and others stopped in a tunnel which made communication for the passengers’ difficult. Lack of mobile connectivity worsened the situation. The passengers were then told to press the emergency button and the door opened in a few minutes relieving them from the suffocation.

A woman fainted as soon as she got out of the metro and was given first aid to regain her consciousness. The metro personnel had a tough time convincing and calming the angry passengers. Few passengers even demanded for a refund of the tickets.

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd public relations officer U.A Vasanth Rao said it was due to the disruption of power supply between 10:00 to 10:30a.m. that caused the delay.

The metro personnel ensured that the metro services continued to function normally thereafter.

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