Doubtful husband stabs wife later commits suicide

Bengaluru: Husband, doubted his wife and stabs her to death in Ramamurthynagar and then committed suicide thinking that she was dead.

Henry Fernandes, an auto driver, aged 37 was married to Chithra for the past 10 years. They had an inter faith marriage and were parents of two children. The family resided at Ramamurthynagar.

Henry often doubted of Chithra having an affair with some other man and both frequently quarrelled for the same reason. Frustrated Chithra went back to her parent’s home two weeks ago. Henry went and talked to Chithra into getting her back home and be with the children.

On Friday, Henry dropped his children to school in the morning and came back home in the afternoon. He quarrelled with Chithra over the suspicious of her being in relationship with someone. The argument intensified and he grabbed a knife and stabbed Chithra repeatedly till she fell unconscious. Henry thought Chithra was dead and hung himself from the ceiling.

In the evening around 5, Chithra’s brother Mahendra came to visit his sister and found her lying with stab wounds and blood. He immediately rushed her to the hospital and informed the police about Henry’s suicide.

Fernandes’s body was shifted to the hospital for post-mortem. KR Puram police have registered a case of attempted murder and suicide.

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