Four from Nepal arrested in Bengaluru for burglaries

Bengaluru: A Nepali gang who worked as security guards and robbed in Banashankari and JP Nagar were arrested by Banashankari police.

The accused are Bheem Bahadur Thapa (31), Jayaraj Bahadur Puri (25), Dharamraj Bahadur Bahora (40) and Ganesh Bahadur Thapa (34). All the four hailed from Bajhang district in Nepal.

The police have solved two bulglary cases in Banashankari and J.P. Nagar police station limits and have recovered 425 grams of gold ornaments, worth Rs.14 lakh, 5 kg of silver ornaments and foreign currencies from their possession. It is said that the four burglars used many tactics to carry out robbery.

During interrogation, the burglars confessed to have conducted burglary all over Karnataka by working as security guards or Gorkhas and identifying locked or isolated houses. Then they broke open the houses and fled with all the valuables.

While the gang was working as security guard in Banashankari, one of the accused, Bheem discovered a house whose members were leaving for Tirupathi on December 13th. They planned to rob the house the next day. They carefully disconnected the power supply to avoid appearing in the CCTV cameras but failed to notice that the house had UPS which got activated soon the power went and the entire robbery was recorded in the CCTV cameras. They fled with gold and cash and later shared the valuables among themselves. The gold jewellery was pledged at a jewellery shop in Banashankari after which they had plans of escaping to Nepal. The police then managed to arrest the four of them.

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